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Enigma of Time considers the relationships between science and psychedelia. In sculpture, video and photography, Driggs explores the abstract nature of our conceptions of time, space and the infinite. How does a strictly 'true' description of reality contrast to the one we carry with us in our everyday lives? By making analogies, documenting extant strategies, and inciting wonder, Enigma of Time hypothetically shows how we can get there from here.

Enigma of Time
new works by Ben Driggs

Opening Reception: Sunday, October 31, 4-8
Open Hours: Monday, November 1, noon-4

ACRE Projects
1913 W 17th Street

Ben Driggs was born in rural Illinois and recently returned to Chicago from a two year stay in California. After receiving his BFA from Columbia College Chicago in 2004, he made props and special effects for television and film. His work instigates, documents and critiques transformational moments on a range of scales, from the study of human consciousness in a general sense to a solitary individual's lived experience. Using a variety of media and tactics, he is interested in exploring and demonstrating how fluid our consciousness can be as it shifts between perspectives.

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